Part 4 – Les Paul

Off we go again!

After the excitement of the eighties, things began to quieten down
and we settled into a routine of making instruments and also began to
do a lot of repairs.
Eventually we were doing all the guitar repairs for a music shop in
The recession was beginning to bite and orders began to dry up.
Our accountant told us it was time now to revert back to ‘hobby status’.
We had tried but it was no longer viable to run Reeve Guitars as a
business so Ges (the only one who was working full-time in Reeve Guitars)
had to find a job and we went back to how it had been originally, working
evenings and weekends.

In the late nineties, my son, Michael wanted a guitar made.
This was a break through, Michael had always considered that nothing
could better his Les Paul!!

The consequent result of a gleaming white guitar was totally superb.
Michael and Mike had worked closely, Michael explaining exactly what
he required and with Mike’s considerable electronic expertise,
the guitar could produce every sound that Michael wanted and of course,
the bodywork created by Ges was second to none.
The ultimate praise came when Michael said the Reeve Guitar was far
superior to his Les Paul!

Words – Val Reeve

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